Sunjeev Sahota comes to Burton

A very enjoyable event last night with the charming Sunjeev Sahota. Having recently performed at the Edinburgh Festival, and a host of other well-renowned literary events, we were delighted that he came to our little town to talk to us about his first book, Ours are the Streets.

Sunjeev Sahota at Burton Library

Despite having never read a novel before he was 18, the guy can clearly write. Fascinating to hear how he creates characters, and the difficulty he had to overcome with how his ending would work – a very important part of the novel considering its subject is a would-be suicide bomber, And great to hear he’s a fan of libraries too.

After the event, he was very impressed with our library assistants’ creation of doilies out of copies of his book cover, and stayed to chat to everyone individually. It must be quite unusual for an author to come to an event where nearly everyone in the room has read his book – thanks to several reading groups choosing it recently, and the local Waterstones making it their book of the month – but it made for a brilliant discussion afterwards, and I’d like to think Sunjeev was pleasantly surprised at the very good questions he was asked. He even took a doily with him as a memento.