Book of the Day

Today this is Andrew Kaufman’s The Tiny Wife, brought to my attention on the “This is not the six word novel” blog (search for it on Google).
In the author’s own words, the plot runs like this: “A thief robs a bank in the West end of Toronto, but instead of taking money he demands – and receives – the item of most emotional significance from everyone. Claiming he’s taking 51% of their souls with him, and it’s up to them to grow them back, the thief then exits. Everyone in the bank then begins to experience something unusual. One woman’s husband is a snowman when she wakes up. Another discovers that she’s made of candy. Our hero discovers that she has begun to shrink and she has to find out how to, and if, she can stop it before she shrinks away to nothing.”
He’s one of those authors who is fantastic at coming up with a great premise! His next novel is about a grandmother who gives each of her granchildren a special ability at their birth which completely ruins each of their lives. Intriguing stuff. One day I’ll sort out the front cover pictures on here.


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