Edward Rutherfurd’s ‘New York’

…was the book which caused the biggest stir at this morning’s Cafe, changing hands from borrower to borrower in a matter of minutes. The author likes taking locations and telling their ‘story’ – New York’s is suitably epic, spanning the New Dawn of the 17th century to the Twin Towers. An epic achievement.

Other recommendations included Zola’s ‘Germinal’, Boling’s ‘Guernica’, ‘No and Me’ – a fantastic story worthy of reading again and again – and can you believe they’re still talking about ‘Zeitoun’ by Dave Eggers – a hurricane Katrina-inspired true story?

Plus the start of a deep discussion about the difference between Storytelling and Writing. Not all authors can do both. Fantastic stuff.


The world of The Reading Café

Welcome to The Reading Café blog. I have decided that this event – and mini-brand – has developed beyond the two hours per month frame it’s been sitting in for the last 18 months, and would be happier if it had a virtual presence too.

Our regular band of café visitors, being the loyal and stalwart bunch they are, now knows that TRC is the place to come for impartial, honest, fun recommendations of what to read next, and I wanted to see if it could exist online. I’ll also use the blog to report our other events and activities to do with books and reading in Burton Library.

But I should say at the outset, that the Reading Café itself is held on the last Tuesday in the month (except when the library is closed for bank holidays, in which case it’s the Tuesday before) from 10am – 12pm, and all are welcome to drop by.